Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clown Burger in Haltom City

Generally, Haltom City kind of scares me. Mainly, it's because it seems like every tornado that roars through Fort Worth makes a bee-line for H-town. But, on the other hand, they've got lots of great Vietnamese food there.

And, of course, they have Mid-Century Modern signs. There's lots of googie signage in the Beach Street/Belknap area like Clown Hamburgers. Photographer David Kozlowski took this image, and he said that you could get an entire ClownBurger feast for less than buck on Wednesday to celebrate this place's 50th anniversary. Sorry I missed it!


tariann said...

that sign is terrifying!

Steve said...

So Tari is firmly in the "clowns are terrifying" camp.