Monday, January 26, 2009

Plycraft Mania

Plycraft is perhaps best known for their knockoff interpretation of the Eames 870 Lounge chair. However, I've always found the Plycraft lounger below to be a much more distinctive design. I found the one below at an estate sale ... somewhere in DFW (I don't remember where.) But I've seen these from time to time at other sales in Fort Worth.

What's odd is that after I bought this chair, in started to pop up in other pieces of MCM ephemera I bought, including this Robert Goulet album. Of course, the real mystery there is who put the tin foil on the floor.

Then there's the picture of the bachelor pad your Dad moved to after the divorce. Nice socks!

But my favorite is this hi-fi room from a period home improvement book. As PeteW would say, it's totally googie.


Christine Terrell said...

Do you happen to have any knowlege/info about this version of Plycraft's Mr. Chair?

It just seems curious that I can't find another image like it on the web.

Steve said...

I haven't seen one like that before, but it's a beaut.

I did find this post on the Mid-Century Modernist with a bunch of loungers like the one in this post.

Hank Tosh said...

Nice. I have a couple of 'knockoffs' myself. Thanks for linking to me. I have some interesting things I'd like to send you, but couldn't find a contact button.

jdip said...

Steve....need some help. Just got this plycraft chair just like yours. It is actually a Jr. Mr. Chair.

Problem is that it wobbles. I think it is missing a piece underneath. Just not sure as I do not know anyone with the chair to compare it to until I found this blog. Can you help me out? Can we swap chair pics so I can figure this out? How can I contact you?


Steve said...

Unfortunately, mine rocks a little bit, too. It's not enough to bother me, but it is noticeable. You might try to contact Hank Tosh, the furniture guy who commented above ( He might have a more knowledgeable answer.