Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3900 Bellaire Drive S., Fort Worth 76109

This gorgeous beast goes on forever. We can just see ourselves rollerskating through all 5,451 fabulous square feet. The price per square foot on this bad boy is an amazing $101 -- somebody buy it before we squander our IRAs! What's that? They've already been squandered?

Long, low lines. Sigh. And check out the built-ins in the background. Think of all the collectibles they would hold: ceramics, dishware, barware, tiki glasses ... Let me just get my drool bib.

Hollywood Regency would be quite at home here.
Lucite, this is your time to shine.


Pete Wann said...

Hasn't this house been on the market for like 2 years now?

Have they come down on the price at all, or are they just waiting until someone with enough money wants to live in a gi-mongus house in a hole on the corner?

Steve-O said...

I think this house went on the market in the $700s. The problem is that it is much bigger than other houses in the neighborhood.

I love this house and would live there in a heartbeat. I might even take up ballet.