Sunday, June 27, 2010

6840 Brants Lane, Fort Worth 76116 - $279K

Ridglea Hills is one of best mid-century neighborhoods in Fort Worth and this nicely remodeled gem is, IMO, something of a steal. I love this house. It's close to Luther Lake and has an Eichler vibe that you don't see all that often in Cowtown. I think curb appeal is a little bit of an issue, but if I were in market for a mid-century house on the left side of the Metromess, this would be at the top of my list. Click here for more details and lots of photo goodness.


Modernesia said...

This house is beautiful! I love the stone wall.

mrozanich said...

Steve, Felicia,
I have just returned to the area, having lived in Phoenix and Austin among other areas. My husband and I have recently started our own architecture firm. We specialize in new modern and midcentury modern remodels. If you happen to get anyone asking for recommendations, we sure would appreciate you passing along our name. Check our our website. Thanks so much! I hope we can salvage these gems. It's amazing how much they are valued in other cities, but we'll get there.

Lydia said...

Dreamy! I wish I could purchase it & move it to Oak Cliff! The price is so affordable too!

Lydia said...

Dreamy! I wish that I could purchase it and move it to Oak Cliff. It's priced really well too!