Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Plano Says Ranch Houses "Not Historic"

Residents of Haggard Addition consider their tiny Plano neighborhood with its ranch-style houses a neighborhood worth preserving. But the Plano City Council doesn't think so.

Haggard Addition is a neighborhood of 114 ranch-style houses nestled just north of downtown. It is bounded by a brick wall on one side and the DART rail line on the other. There are few through streets. The subdivision is considered Plano's oldest, most intact example of a post-World War II neighborhood.

"It's hard to think of houses or an area that's younger than I am as historic," Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Sally Magnuson told the D(a)MN. "We were hard-pressed to find anything unique or historical about the area."

Magnuson's attitude is a perfect example of what MCM lovers are up against: many people don't consider the architecture of this time period worth saving. It's the same with the furniture and artifacts of this period: most don't consider them antiques at all. People won't understand what is lost until its gone.

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