Thursday, April 26, 2007

2402 Skyview Drive, Richardson, $497,500

MLS listing gives you more images. Very expensive, but stunning on the inside.


carrie said...

This is a weird house! I've been to it twice now (both open houses) and it feels sooo odd. For one thing, there was a pool that has been filled in. When you step in to the backyard you are very aware that something is wrong, out of place, missing... something! Throughout the house there are all sorts of handyman add ons that totally undermind your confidence in the health of the house. Lots of roof flaws and plenty of signs of water damage to the ceiling. Shifting floors and floor tiles that wobble when you step on them.
About 6 months before they put it on the market they had big generator and tubes running to the house for a few weeks. I can only assume there was some sort of mold treatment going on.
It's a real shame about the shape this place is in cuz you can tell this house was a gem in it's day. If you had about 100 or 150k to put in to it (on top of selling $) it could be again.
This neighborhood is full of great houses (and landscaping) and makes for a great sunday drive if you're ever roughing it in the burbs. I drive through whenever the weather is nice and pine for "the one that got away" a couple of blocks over from this house. I'm essentially stalking the neighborhood.
btw, just discovered your blog- love it!

Steve said...

Thanks, Carrie. Please come back often and comment frequently. Please drop us a line if you see cool houses we need to report on!

Anonymous said...

This house is not that bad in my humble opinion. Yes, a little foundation movement, and yes it needs a pool again. I did not care for the flooring they chose, but the former owners were not modernists. The scale of the spaces is good, and the glass is ample, nice drive up, would love to have seen it in the day.