Monday, December 22, 2008

UPDATE: Crestview Doors Closing, Only Changing

Update on Crestview Doors, 12.23.08 -- the Mid-Century Modern custom door manufacturer run by David and Christiane Erwin that I wrote about a few months back.

Yes, they are ceasing production of new doors. However, they are still doing business, but it a different way.

"We are scaling way back," David said by email. "The downturn in the economy has forced us to, and in doing so we’ve taken a serious look at how our business affects the environment. Really, we hope every business is doing that right now.

"Our Doorlite Kits are a great example of how we are addressing the environment and the economy. They keep old doors out of the landfill, require less trees to make, require less fuel to ship, are easily repaired, and cost much less than a new door."

In a post on their blog, Christiane explains the situation and lists some deeply discounted doors for anyone interested.

Sorry about the error, guys. Best of luck to you.

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