Monday, February 23, 2009

Craigslist Furniture Update

It's high time we indulged our sweet tooth with a dose of retro eye candy!

  • 1950s Bar with Three Stools, $350:

    Suddenly, I have an overwhelming desire for a Haleukelani Cocktail ...

  • Midcentury side tables, $75 each:

    They're just begging for a fantastic Raymor lamp, maybe some Stig Lindberg ceramics. Hope they have more luck than I've had!

  • Midcentury Steelcase Metal Desk, $125:

    Cool American beauty. Makes one feel downright patriotic.
  • Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    RIP - Blossom Dearie

    Blossom Dearie, the great jazz vocalist with the little girl voice, died Saturday at age 82. New Yorker critic Whitney Balliett once said that her tiny wisp of a voice "would scarcely reach the second storey of a doll's house," but her phrasing was as sophisticated as anything the great Frank Sinatra crafted. Watch her above on The Jack Paar Show in the early '60s.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    3900 Bellaire Drive, Fort Worth, Part Deux

    Our inner Gladys Kravitz took over when, a few days after we wrote about our lust crush on this baby (scroll down a few posts), an "Open House" sign appeared! We had to see the inside, along with quite a few other gawkers, including a couple of architecture students.

    The gate to the back entry. Every home should come with its own 2-foot-tall Egyptian-style guards. The only way I would've loved this more is if the little guys had hopped down and whipped me up a Rusty Nail.

    Buttah. A gorgeous, gleaming terrazzo floor that (we heard) extends the length of the house, much of it under the carpet.

    Life would be so much simpler with an intercom system like this.
    "Nick, darling, could you bring more cracked ice to the rumpus room?"

    Plant your rubber tree in this corner while belting out "High Hopes."